Building to the Black Moment

What elements make a good Black Moment? ensure that there is a rush up to the black moment where everything is beginning to slide down hill at a fast pace..

  • Action. Shorten your sentences, your scenes. This heightens the tension. Short, snappy dialogue. White space on your pages.
  • Struggles. throw your characters into mayhem, let them struggle, be faced with their greatest fears and stare at failure right in the eye
  • Decisions –.Your characters must be active in seeking a solution. They can’t just passively suffer. Show them doing, trying, making decisions in an attempt to reach their goal
  • Failure.. This is a time when all hell breaks loose. Whatever has been bending story wise now, let it break. However bad it looks, make it worse. Like Carolyn Greene says, “Put your hero up a tree…then shoot at him.”
  • Determination to succeed. That they continue to struggle and ultimately ‘sacrifice’ in the black moment what throughout the story they’ve worked to achieve will give you the ‘show’ or change of character you’re seeking

Your feedback:

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