Placing your book cover or logo on promotional or gift items can bring you some good buzz and keep your name before customers. Below are companies that offer print and other PR items, but don’t forget that there are other options.  For example, keep an eye out for great deals at discount stores like Big Lots, Dollar Stores and semi-annual sales at stores like JoAnn Fabrics and Michaels.  You can also find wonderful things at consignment and thrift stores and at yard sales. You can prepare gift baskets to give away in contests. Your giveaways needn’t be expensive. Creativity will  help you stand out from the crowd.

1800 – Don’t know anything about this company.   Chocolates and other goodies.

48 Hour — Don’t know anything about this company.

Amber Kahao Designs  An author said they had nice designs and the prices were good for bookmarks.

Glass Slipper Designs Banner ads and more  This site sells logoed mugs, sports bottles, etc.

Bill Watson products books stands, etc.

Footprint Press  stands and more.

CafePress  This online store has lots of stuff for sale for authors and readers.  They do “print on demand” items, such as t-shirts, mugs, teddy bears, etc.  Authors can set up a “store” at which that author’s PR items are sold (CafePress has a basic price, and the author marks things up a little to make a profit.

Cheap Pens

 Cheap Totes  This site has inexpensive tote bags that are good for author “baskets”.

Cheetah Printing  An author said they have promotional pens along with other things.

The Crystal Group

DiscountPhotoGifts.com This site transfers photos to things like shot glasses.

Earthly Charms

Fire Mountain Gems & Beads  This company sells exactly what its name says.  Products can be embroidered.

Getz Color Graphics   If you call them at 800-562-7052, they will send you a brochure.

GFX Inc.  This company is out of Toronto and is supposed to have reasonable prices for bookmarks.  But the prices fluctuate due to the value of the U.S. dollar vs. the Canadian dollar.

Gimmees  An author said they had promotional pens, along with other things. It is possible to make some print and other PR materials yourself.  There are templates in Microsoft WORD and Microsoft Publisher for things such as postcards. does bookmarks.  An author said that with Iconix, she paid $198.08 for 2,500 2 x 8 sized bookmarks.  Another author said that you can get 5000 double-sided, glossy color 2″x8″ bookmarks for $303.71, which includes shipping.  Comes out to about 6 cents a bookmark, and they are super quality.  If you want B&W or one-side color, one-side B&W, it costs less.  Another author said this company also designs Web sites.  Several other authors said they were very pleased and impressed with this company.

Inkhead  An author said they had promotional pens and other things.

Jan Wayhttp://  This company has a selection of more elaborate than paper bookmarks.

LazerDesigns  An author said they have promotional pens as well as other items.

Levenger’s  This is a catalog of book-themed things.  It is not a good site for PR items, but it is a good source for book-themed gifts to give an editor, an agent, the author who gives you a quote for your book cover, etc.

Maverick Label  For labels you can sign and mail to readers to put in your book.

Motivators An author said they have promotional pens as well as other things.

Mozy   This is not a PR company, but an online back-up site for saving a copy of your files safely away from the home.  It’s free for 2GB or you can get unlimited for a low cost.

National Pen Company an author recommended this company for – what else – pens.

NextDayFlyers.Com  What’s better than next day? Sometimes you just have to wait till the last minute.

Ninth Moon  This site has gift items geared towards writers.  This isn’t a PR item company, but it is a good source for gifts for fellow writers, agents, and editors.

Oriental Trading – Gifts and promotional items.  They have a catalogue and website.

Overnight Prints  postcards .

PC/  This catalogue has “stickers and badge accessories,” as well as other things.  Phone: 1-800-233-9767. – This site can transfer photos onto things like mugs.

Pens  promotional pens. – This site prints up legal, first-class U.S. postal stamps from photos.

Stores like Staples, Office Depot and Kinkos – but be prepared to have the occasional customer rep hassle you because they believe authors’ book covers are copyrighted material and can’t be duplicated.

Printfection An author mentioned this site as a good place to get printed T-shirts.

Printing For Less bookmarks, good quality.

The Print Place; does bookmarks for great prices.  Far cheaper than any of the other places others have mentioned.  They have a calculator right on their site for determining cost, including shipping.

Printrunner Bookmarks.

Prints Made Easy

Promo Peddler  bags, cups, pens, buttons, etc.

Rhode Island Novelty Company

Shakespeare’s Den  A good source of gifts for baskets for editors, agents and critique partners. We cater to those with an artistic side, we also carry a large variety of fun and unique items that anyone can enjoy. Whether you are looking for a nice chess set, an interesting deck of playing cards, or even a new pair of hard to find earrings, be sure to check us out.

Sharp Dots  Banners, brochures, bookmarks, postcards, notepads, etc. – This site can transfer photos onto many things, including T-shirts.

Temporary Tattoos – Rub-ons, and other sticky papers.

Twig One Stop  Not only do they print postcards, they’ll also address and mail the post cards for you if you wish.

Vistaprint  This site offers lots of “free” items, but the shipping and handling can be steep.  Compare prices, it has a lot to offer, especially for business cards and postcards. – This site can transfer photos onto things like decks of playing cards. allows you to create any size poster using your own artwork.




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