Writer’s Guilt: I’m an author. Why do I feel guilty for writing? (Sound familiar?)

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1000622_worried_man_against_white_backgroundThis one is for my fellow authors: those of us who feel fulfilled, and yet guilty, for writing fiction. Yep: today I wanted to address the topic of writer’s guilt. Chances are you’ve experienced it just as I have.

Feeling guilty for pursuing a career as an author is something that’s always plagued me. While writer’s guilt is related in some ways to the inner editor (my inner editor is a donkey named Eeyore), it’s actually quite distinct.

The inner editor tells you you’re no good at writing, and you’re wasting your time because everything you produce is slop.

Writer’s guilt is knowing you write well, but feeling that you’re selfish, idealistic, and irresponsible for writing when you could be doing something more profitable and practical with your time.


The guilt hit me hard during my years in graduate school. I excelled in my…

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