Improve your vocabulary

What’s the right word?


Being a better writer demands that you use language in an evocative, effective manner. Most of us use the same few hundred words over and over. You don’t want to be a pretentious word-snob but increasing your vocabulary (and using words correctly) will make your writing shine.

Here are some links to sites where you can browse the dictionary. You may sign up to get random daily words. I like doing this because you get surprised and stimulated on a daily basis. Who knows, a particular word may even stir your muse!

  • uses words that are useful in everyday language with an occasional zinger. It also allows you to compare with some synonyms to get the one word that is just right.
  • Download Dictionary Boss (free and ad-free) and have a convenient way to check out words, translations, and categories of words.
  • The Urban Dictionary can give you that street flava in your dialogue or your narrative. It also has a lot of social media terms. It’s updated often by the public.
  • Metaboli’s Gaming Dictionary.  Confused when listening to hardcore gamers? Or perhaps you’ve got a character who’s into that world. Abbreviations, technical terms and gamer-speak gathered here.
  • Netlingo is another resource for tech-speak.
  • has some pretty exotic offerings. But sometimes a plain word just won’t fill your need.
  • Browse the internet for other specialized dictionaries. You may be surprised what you find.

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