Creative Writing Tip: Point of View and Character Description Go Hand in Hand

It’s important to keep the character Point of View in mind when writing your story. It will make the story more real for the reader.

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

Welcome, fellow authors! Today, continuing my series on character description, I wanted to discuss point of view and how it affects the picture a reader receives of any given character.

The idea to keep this series of posts going came to me thanks to Michael Eidson, a fellow fantasy writer who commented yesterday on how POV affects description.

Who your narrator is, and what limits you impose on him or her, definitely impacts how he or she describes people. Michael noted:

I think the way an author approaches character descriptions depends on the type of POV used in the story. When writing from an unrestricted omniscient POV, an author can describe just about anything at his or her leisure. Writing from a limited third- or first-person POV and describing something that can’t be viewed by the POV character could be more jarring to the reader.

Reflecting on this observation…

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