A Field Mouse, A Crow, and A Writing Lesson

A good POV lesson.

Writers In The Storm Blog

by Fae Rowen

IMG_0125My living room deck is a lizard freeway. It serves as a form of kitty TV for my Siamese warrior cat. One afternoon this summer I caught movement out of the corner of my eye.

Since I’ve named the lizards that entertain me every afternoon, I walked to the open slider to say hello. Taking a momentary break in the sun wasn’t a lizard, but a field mouse. I wished Shogun wasn’t napping in the garage.

No! My attic has finally been completely rodent free for nine months and there was no way this little furry villain was getting into my house. The mouse sprinted toward the air conditioning vent. I thought about finding my Siamese hunter and turning him loose, but since he’s an indoor cat. I knew I wouldn’t let him engage the mouse in battle.

I slid the screen open, ready to  follow the…

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