Hiring a Professional Editor—Shrewd or Shameful?

Experienced authors know there’s no way they can catch all their own mistakes. Besides, it is always helpful to get some professional feedback.

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Now, here’s Lori!

By Lori Nelson Spielman

I typed The End and did a little happy dance in my office. I’d finished my manuscript and could hardly wait to query Agent X. How quickly would he sell it, I wondered? I’d been writing the entire story with him in mind. He had, after all, read my previous manuscript and liked it. He called me a talent. He invited me to submit future projects. So naturally, he’d scoop up my new project, right? Wrong.

Agent X’s rejection—an impersonal form letter from his assistant just one day after the query was sent—stopped me cold. The easy path to publication I’d hoped for was starting out exactly like my previous…

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