What is Triberr about

Triberr is a sharing site for bloggers which seems to be pretty popular right now. Many people I network with and respect use Triberr, but I just cant seem to work my way into it. However this is something that can help you with networking and marketing. So I’m posting this piece to give you some idea of how it works and decide  if it could be for you.

First of all, what is Triberr?  There are tribes (groups of people gathered by common interests) to choose from. When you join a tribe (or more), you’ll retweet the work of bloggers you know and trust. As a blogger, your goal is to drive highly engaged traffic to new our posts, follow you, comment, and engage. Triberr helps you do that..

Setting up your account is the first obstacle. This is an area that some people have problems with but once you get set up, you’re good to go. Link your blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts for the most effective use. You can set your account up to notify you or to automatically send on the posts of your tribemates.

Next, join at least one tribe. Bigger, active tribes may be tempting, but many people assert that it’s best to sign up with smaller groups that are dependable. They’ll be sharing your output to their followers and you’ll do the same with yours. Make sure it’s information you are going to want to share. There isn’t any point joining a tribe that doesn’t relate to you or your writing. It’s about reaching people who are interested in your material. Even if you have  only 10 active tribe members who will always share good information, your reach is expanded exponentially.

Then when you post something to your blog, your Twitter and Facebook accounts share it. PLUS, those in your tribe(s) have a chance to share it as well. It helps to attract more followers and get your blog message out there more.

If you are a new or inexperienced blogger who is looking for some exposure, Triberr is a gateway for you to build your brand from scratch. You’re going to increase the chances of getting more social shares in return.

Triberr will show you your stats and that’s the payoff in the end. Increasing your traffic, page views, referrals, and followers. And ultimately customers.

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