Predatory Authors & Predatory Publishers

Authors must be vigilant on those who would take advantage of them.

Meta Rabbit

There are two types of predatory publishers:

1. The truly predatory. These are the guys who build a website with the same name as a real journal, copy its editorial board and wait for scientists to make a mistake (this is journal hijacking). Or who have conferences with a similar name or a fake organizing committee.

These are publishers preying on trusting authors. This is, probably, the minority of predatory publishers.

2. The low quality (or perhaps no quality) journals. This is what most of Beall’s list is actually about.

In this second case, it is the publishers and the authors preying on the scientific system and often preying on taxpayer’s money! The authors are accomplices and not victims of predatory publishers.

The people who submit to these journals generally know what they’re getting. Or at least they should know. [1] An author who submits some 

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