Your Three Inspirations

This is a good exercise for beginning writers. Use it to learn your direction, your style, what works for yolu.


In one of the books on writing–can’t recall now which one–that I’ve read, it was suggested you list your top three favorite novels of all time, find the thing or things common to them, and develop them into your own work.

Just narrowing down the top three was a great exercise.  How do you judge?  I decided to go by the novels I’ve read multiple times and wouldn’t mind reading again, or that had a huge impact on me.  Eventually, I narrowed it down to three and here they are in order of importance:

1. Dune (read four times)

2. The Hobbit (read six times)

3. Norwegian Wood (read once)



Even today, the imagination contained in this novel is simply staggering, but what attracts me most to this novel is the double whammy of danger not only coming from the harsh dessert setting, but also from the opposing royal…

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