Writing styles


Personal voice apparently cannot be taught. Then again, it isn’t that crucial to writing effectively. A style of writing that is clear and allows you to express what you want will suffice. From my observations, those who don’t want to spend time cultivating a personal voice can adopt one of two approaches: idea-intensive or content-intensive.

The idea-intensive way

This is one of my favourite ways of writing, because it requires much less preparatory work on content. Essentially, you discuss an idea that is so simple that others neglect to accord it due weight. And it works, because GP is about the world around you. It’s how you perceive issues and re-interpret them, and who’s to fault you for giving new depth to a banal point? Case in point:

‘Our modern lifestyle is at odds with preservation of the environment. Discuss.’

The increasing prevalence of a contemporary way of life centered around…

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