AUTHORS: Three ways you can focus the final line of your novel or short story

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

the-end-2-1327659-mAt the start of this New Year, I wanted to buck expectations and common trends (mainly because I already gave in to them by giving 4 tips to craft a good writer’s resolution) and talk about the END of things: the final lines of a novel.  That closing sentence we as authors tend to agonize over.

I have to confess here: I sure hope I ended my novels on a good, strong note, but I can’t remember the last lines of any of the installments in my trilogy.

I can’t remember what I was shooting for with the final lines. I believe I focused on the first entry in the list to follow, because closure is important to me. Very, very important. But I honestly don’t remember.

That said, after years of studying literature in grad school I discovered there are a myriad of ways to end a novel…

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