Three Writer “Illnesses” (and how to treat them)

Happens to all of us.

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

not-so-healthy-1412912-mThis post is about those pesky bugs we authors come down with: that writer-itis that strikes us down when we feel we’re doing okay, or we think we’re recovering from our last bout of writer’s block. It can feel as though we’re the only ones who come down with these afflictions: which is why I’m writing this.

None of us are alone here!

1. Delusionitis

So,what is delusionitis? In short, it’s a set up and fall.

Tell me I’m not the only one who’s been here: I’m writing. It’s just “clicking,” you know? I’m shutting down the inner editor, ignoring my Eeyore (which is what I call the bugger). I’m even feeling good about my writing. Heck, I’m feeling great.

This stuff is gold, y’all. GOLD.

Then, a few days later, or maybe during a read-through or editing pass, I go back and read those golden passages. And they are…

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