The “Come, Cliche, Crackdown” Approach to Character Development

Character is the most important thing in fiction.

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

professor-at-work-1024629-m There is no one way, or a “correct” way, to go about crafting your characters: especially your supporting characters. I know that I don’t even go about character development in a uniform manner from work to work or “person” to “person.” I don’t really have a process.
  • Some characters just pop up in my head, fully formed. I know who they are and what their background is. I know what their major role will be in my story. (Laskenay in “The Crimson League” is a good example of this. I think she will always be my personal favorite of the characters I’ve written.)
  • Some characters I have an idea about, but don’t realize how vital they will end up proving to my story or overall series arc. (Like Vane, who makes his first appearance in “The Crimson League” and could almost be called the protagonist of the last two installments…

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