How a Focused, Limited “Baby Edit” Can Help Improve A Writer’s Style

Your final editor will thank you for this too!  Also see The Characteristics of Good Writing

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

businessman-with-the-notebook-3-1362248-m When it comes to the quality of our writing–especially our fiction–it’s easy to overlook how even a small change can constitute a drastic improvement. Yes, this post is about that dreading editing phase!

But don’t worry: I’m not talking about in-depth, nitty-gritty content editing here. (That’s another post.) Not every editing pass needs to be, or should be, all about the structure of the story, continuity, and whether your characters are making believable choices.

Sometimes, “baby edits” are just as helpful. There are three times I personally would recommend these simpler, less drastic editing passes, although obviously, everyone writes differently, and your process might not match up with mine.

  • I write on pen and paper first sometimes. I’ll get a “baby edit” in while transcribing to the computer.
  • After a first draft, but before that read-through where I don’t change a thing (I take notes instead), is another opportunity for…

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