Is in-book advertising inevitable?

Is this a good idea? It might help stop book piracy since it will keep ebook prices low while helping the author make a living But will readers accept it?

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Your Ad Here In-book Advertising Inevitable? In-book advertising offers authors revenue for free eBooks but at what cost?

Just a few days after I argued that books should remain advertisement free, a new survey by start-up eBook publishing service eBook Plus indicates in-book advertising for eBooks may be inevitable. The survey queried 5,000 people from the US and UK about their preferred mix of eBook pricing and in-book advertising and the results suggest that around 50% of readers are willing to accept advertising in eBooks in exchange for free content. But how will in-book advertising affect the reading experience and the relationship between author and readers?

To begin with, here are the results of the survey, as reported by Digital Bookworld:

The survey showed that, in the USA, readers’ preferences are:
– 45.7% prefer free ebooks with advertising (at least 15 seconds) at the beginning of the chapters;
– 20.8% prefer to pay…

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