Does blogging sell books?

Calendar-graphic Blogging is a good way to connect with old readers and new. Don’t think of it as merely advertising. Nothing turns off readers faster. This is a place to practice, to tease, and to test your writing abilities. Your readers will give you feedback. You can pass on the things you’ve learned as a writer or document your journey as a writer. It’s good to practice your skills to write about things. Use extra material from your research or scenes you may not use. If a blog viewer connect with your writing on your blog, it’s likely they’ll at least take a look at your books. So make sure you have a way to connect with your publications.

Also write about other authors. People you admire, books you enjoy, these are ways to connect with readers as well.

Some authors say they have better luck doing interviews or guest posts on other’s blogs. This will also save an author from the time consumption on maintaining their own blog.

Weigh the advantages, look at your stats, and decide for yourself.


  1. I often ask myself this question. Should we blog, FB, twitter, some all. Its a question whose answer always seems to be changing. Thanks for visiting and the thought-provoking posts.

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