Pinterest is great for writers

We all know that authors need to use social media. If you don’t already have an account at Pinterest, that’s something you want to look into. It’s not a place you’ll do a lot of networking/chatting but your readers will enjoy looking at it and–since it is a bookmarking site, you can use it for your own purposes. You can keep track of authors, blogs, publishers, agents, writing advice, conferences, and other writing things. You can save and organize your inspiration: quotes, idea-starters, guidance, pictures. You can organize websites you want to keep for research, submitting or instuctional material. You can also keep track of personal things either on the same account or a different one (you’ll need a separate email addy.)

If you’re on Pinterest, put your web url in the comments section below. I’d love to see it.

Check out some of my boards. I have a pen name that I use for my speculative fiction work so I have a Pinterest account under the name of Simone Eden and put myself as a contributor under my real name. One board is Fantastic Beings which I use for general inspiration. The one called Baashi is specifically for a series I’m writing about a race of cat-shifters.

I’m a follower of the Romance Slam Jam annual conference and for the last couple of years have made a board with the award winners. Here are 2014’s Emma Awards. There’s also a board with a jumble of writing and publishing advice that I like to keep handy.

If you look further at my boards, you’ll see that I have many interests and many boards—I love Pinterest!There are some personal ones as well as others related to being a writer and a reader. I particularly love my board on Book spaces which shows libraries and book stores, large and small, from all over. Pinterest_Creative_Commons

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