Earning my Grammar Police Badge

I admire her for taking the time to hone her skills!

Isn't It Sweet

While I rarely post personal stories, I wanted to share one of my recent accomplishments, of which I’m particularly proud.

In early-2013, I accepted a promotion at work and was made responsible for all written communications materials for external audiences developed by my team of five. While I consider myself a pretty decent writer and editor, I had a mini panic attack immediately after accepting the role.

So I quickly went in search of a program to hone my editing skills, and after doing some extensive online research, I found a well-reviewed and highly rated copyediting certificate program through the University of California San Diego Extension. The program consisted of four online courses that could be completed in approximately one year.


I began the program in May 2013, and within a few weeks realized I was in over my head– the program is geared toward active copyeditors who are looking to get certified…

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